"it's a delight for lovers of fine chocolate, who care about their bodies, the planet and it's people - it's almost too good to be true..."

Go on treat yourself…

Welcome to Bon Bean, artisan chocolate maker dedicated to optimising the natural goodness of rare Peruvian cacao beans for YOUR highest good.

Whilst you’re blissfully enjoying every bite of the subtle aromas that define our hand-selected cacao remember that you are being good to your body whilst making a difference by choosing organic and direct trade beans. A small bite towards being kinder to the planet and it’s people. It’s a win-win situation!

Avoid refined sugar, emulsifiers, soy lecithins and other additives and discover why you can say YES to chocolate! 

What does feel-good chocolate taste like? That’s for you to decide!


Hilly x

Launching New Flavours on 26th November 2019!

Here's a chance for those living on the Cote d'Azur, to savour something fresh and new.




Can chocolate really be a health food? 


Chocolate Tasting events for your group

Chocolate Tasting for your group makes a fun, interactive and delightful way to share a couple of hours with friends, colleagues or to try something new. 

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