"Chocolate lovers - Yes you really can enjoy chocolate and feel 100% good about it."
“The ancient Mayans called it ‘xocoatl’ and were among the first chocoholics on record. They loved the cacao plant and gave it status and immense value: the pods represented the heart and the beans were so valuable they were used as currency and back then it was only royalty who exclusively enjoyed this vital food.
The valuable synergy between cacao and the human body, mind and spirit was recognised so many centuries ago. This is what we are seeking to rediscover today. The plant’s botanical name is ‘Theobroma cacao’ and means ‘the food of the gods’ and for good reason too! 
Bon Bean Chocolate was born of a chocoholic’s dream to revive this connection between health and the cacao bean.  Cacao is a superfood and contains a wealth of minerals, vitamins and essential nutrition that the body needs.
Cherished hand-selected Peruvian criollo beans, handled with expert craftsmanship and loved every step of the way make this chocolate that boasts good ethics, good ingredients and every bite shines with the goodness within. You can enjoy every bite with a good conscience. That’s why we call it “bon” bean!
You’ve come to the right place to find out about the health and nutrition of the bean. Check out the “Food of the gods” page for the word from an expert Nutritional Therapist.
Are you curious about raw chocolate and processing methods that deliver more nutrition – check out the page called “The Process”?
Want to know why we buy “direct trade”?
The best way to taste the chocolate is to try it yourself…our delicious bars are on the shop page.
Treat yourself – you can feel good about it!
Chocolate is for enjoying, sharing, savouring, giving and appreciating. See how good it tastes when you know it’s good for your body and for the planet!
Love it, share it, enjoy it and embrace the goodness.”

Hilly x

Competition Winner Announced!

Our winner is Lilla Dargo! Congratulations Lilla! She has won  a helicopter tour of the Cannes area for the whole family  with champagne and Bon Bean chocolate! WATCH THIS SPACE for the photos!



Can chocolate really be a health food? 


Chocolate Tasting events for your group

A Chocolate Tasting event is a fun, interactive and delightful way to share a couple of hours with friends, colleagues or to try something new. 

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