save the planet. it’s our only source of chocolate…and a hello from hilly
“The cacao pod was a symbol of the heart for the Mayans and chocolate is where my heart is.
Bon Bean Chocolate has become my passion and purpose and I love the job of encouraging people to eat well, buy consciously and enjoy life.
Let’s give chocolate back it’s status as something of value that is good for us.
Consider my role… perhaps a Choc Doc, helping to deliver the medicine of chocolate. Inspiring you to enjoy eating it, wholly and completely trusting the goodness within. Or, perhaps my role is to make irresistible, guilt-free chocolate in quantity so that once I’ve had my fill there will still be enough of this divine food to go around!
I am deeply grateful to this calling and hugely appreciative of the people who pour their lives and love into making the pods grow so beautifully in Peru. A big howdy and thanks to Domantas, our trusted chocolatier for his expertise, kindness and humility. A man-sized hug to my supportive husband and also to my best pal for believing in me.
A warm welcome and thank you to you, our chocolate-loving customers, it is you that make the Bon Bean wheels turn!
Working with only a small number of quality ingredients, we add love and care, a little bit of sweetness, something of ourselves and not much else.
We encourage you to share and savour this splendid chocolate that is small and simple, yet boldly full of goodness and if you can’t savour it then just wolf it down with reckless abandon. Enjoy!”

Hilly x