"it's a delight for lovers of fine chocolate, who care about their bodies, the planet and it's people - it's almost too good to be true..."

Go on treat yourself…

Welcome to Bon Bean, artisan chocolate maker dedicated to optimising the natural goodness of rare Peruvian cacao beans for YOUR highest good.

Whilst you’re blissfully enjoying every bite of the subtle aromas that define our hand-selected cacao remember that you are simultaneously making a difference by supporting us in our choice of organic and direct trade beans which are kinder to the planet and it’s people. It’s a win-win situation!

It gets better too…if  you choose healthier snacks and prefer to avoid refined sugar, emulsifiers, soy lecithins and other additives but CAN’T RESIST CHOCOLATE then look no further. (Read on as to why cacao is a superfood…)

Start here and satisfy your curiosity (Really? Tasty chocolate that puts health first?)

Now you’ve finally found guilt-free chocolate that will have you hooked once you get a taste for it! Go ahead and treat yourself.

Can you taste the goodness? 

Hilly x

Fly with Bon Bean!

For Mother's Day 2019,  Bon Bean's annual giveaway was a helicopter tour of the Cannes area for the whole family  with champagne and Bon Bean chocolate! WATCH THIS SPACE for the photos of the lucky winner taking flight next month (September)!



Can chocolate really be a health food? 


Chocolate Tasting events for your group

A Chocolate Tasting event is a fun, interactive and delightful way to share a couple of hours with friends, colleagues or to try something new. 

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