19th November at 1.30pm – Chocolate Tasting Event for Mimosa Matters Charity!

Bon Bean Chocolate invites you to the launch of the new collection of chocolate bars.

The four new flavours will be unveiled at a chocolate tasting event for charity held in Magagnosc, Grasse.

Click here for the flyer ‘Taste Chocolate for Charity’

Christine Kjeldbjerg, our partner and gracious host, and Hilly, Bon Bean Founder welcome you to a cosy afternoon centred around chocolate! We’ll talk a little bit about why chocolate can be good for you and then it’s time for the blind tasting!

This is a unique chance to experience the new Bon Bean chocolate flavours coming out this Christmas 2018.

If you live nearby, we really hope you’ll join us and bring some friends….benefit from the early bird offer – 10€ if you book your places before 31st October 2018. Proceeds go to the local cancer support charity, Mimosa Matters www.mimosamatters.org.

For more information and to book : contact@lebonbean.com.


Hilly rises to the sugar-free challenge with the CK Health Reboot and Cleanse programme

On 24th September Hilly is going to  join Christine Kjeldbjerg and the enthusiastic detox ladies for the September Reboot and Cleanse programme where the goal is to completely remove sugar, gluten, dairy for at least a couple of weeks and focus on good nutrition and healthful foods. Our bodies are subject to a toxic load from the air we breathe, the food we eat and the products we use on our skin and in our homes. The cleanse offers a rest from processing the toxic load and the chance to cleanse the body naturally.

Watch this space to see how she gets on…


Bon Bean returns to the Cleanse + Reboot – September/October 2018

Bon Bean chocolate has been busy developing the new and completely sugar-free treats for the September/October 2018 Cleanse and Reboot programme with Christine Kjeldbjerg. The hard work has paid off and the treats that Hilly has made are sure to help the participants to fend off any unwanted sugar cravings. Good luck to everyone taking part and hats off to Christine who is making a donation to the local Cancer charity Mimosa Matters as part of this cleanse.

Sign up for a guided detox with plenty of support, advice and education designed to help you reduce the toxic load on the body. Why not come and join us (Hilly is personally taking part…see the news page for regular updates!)  Click to find out more…