Loving that feeling of lightness, clarity and energy – thank you and au revoir cleanse….

The cleanse ended for me last week.

Truly, my body felt amazing and I had so much energy not from solid food fuel in quantity but from the right kind of nutrition in my body at the right time. It was such a success.

The reintroduction of gluten, dairy and chocolate (sugar) happened too fast and I think that I could probably reduce or eliminate these things again. When I reintroduced them, almost within 24 hours I felt more sluggish, felt sugar cravings and bloatedness. I could recognise these as I hadn’t’t had any symptoms like this for a few weeks.

The Cleanse and Reboot programme was a success for me on many levels and it has inspired me to clean up my nutrition in general. It takes some effort in the beginning (as with many worthwhile things!) but I love that feeling of lightness, clarity and energy.

Big thanks to Christine for the in-depth information, for organising the support network and for the encouragement.

See you at the next one!!!