Day 1 – Prep week – don’t panic yet!

…but could do better…

So, today at the Reboot and Cleanse meeting I did a demonstration of SUGAR-FREE almond chai latte and a version of hot chocolate with maca, cacao and spices and made some nut and cacao spread….normally I would have added in a glug of maple syrup into everything but that’s strictly not permitted….

I keep thinking that if I am the one making the sugar-free treats I should be good at eating them…..I was selling the idea to these eager detox ladies all afternoon and don’t want to be a hypocrite!!!

After a long day, as I walked in the door I was hungry, surprisingly didn’t go for the sugar but had this choice….

a spelt cracker with raw butter (lashings of it) or something from the open box of  Belin aperitif crackers. Luckily chose option 1. Well done Hilly!!


Also, on seeing the lovely blue bottle of Bombay Sapphire I resisted “finishing off the G&T” because it must go before the real cleanse starts next week!! (Really????)

I’ve got to get better at this, had a couple of squares of my favourite 75% chocolate to finish off my meal too….his days are numbered but it’s the same panic attitude – must finish things off before the cleanse….I have another 2 bars in the fridge!!! Yikes!

The good news is that Christine said that the people who do the prep week  instead of launching straight into the detox have the best success at sticking to the cleanse. There is hope for me yet!