Day 10 – and it’s the weekend…

Last Saturday morning I got stuck in to a mammoth cleanse of our living space and sorted and got rid of toys and clothes that have been cluttering our space for ages. Christine said this is quite normal behaviour for people on a cleanse, so it makes sense.

Other satisfying signs that this cleanse is working are related to my body size… a snug fit now describes how I feel in a couple of trousers that before were more like a tight squeeze!

The weekend is upon us again but the cleanse takes no prisoners and in my case should continue for another 4 days…..hmmmmm, I’m in the mood for a glass of wine just to be sociable (we have family here for the weekend)….but I am determined to get to Tuesday. It is also a reminder that I must break the cleanse properly and not just rush headlong into a feast of wine and chocolate….although having said that  my wee craving for chocolate has been satisfied with a couple of bounty balls today and some dipped pears yesterday…and I could actually live on those if I chose to be sugar-free….

Wish me well, here’s hoping I’ll be triumphant on Monday telling you I did it!

Bon weekend xx