Friends come over…wine, wisdom and chocolate brownies……

Hello all,

The overnight fast is now included in the cleanse, this “intermittent fasting” element gives the body a break of between 12-16 hours between meals. I broke the back of that challenge since the last cleanse and I genuinely feel better for it being established in my routine. Generally we eat fairly early in the evening with our children, the next day throughout the morning I just drink water or the occasional herbal tea ¬†before eating at lunchtime.

This lunchtime I made buckwheat pancakes (with egg this week – without egg next week) with my family for lunch. It was good to eat roughly the same food as my children, I don’t like setting the example that eating a different meal is normal – especially as I am the chef in the house and I’d rather not share food like that! I opted for sprouts, avocado, grated carrot and a tahini dressing instead of tuna, egg and cheese.

I had a chocolate tasting in the afternoon (REALLY!!!! – I am giving feedback to a fellow chocolate-maker on his collection and truly had to test this chocolate). The single square of dark liquorice and orange was enough to satisfy and delicious too by the way!!

DINNER CHALLENGES…..The biggest challenge today was not having friends over after having decided to stop drinking, I had a small glass of kombucha, but it was the pre-dinner snacks. Can you believe that those BELIN aperitif biscuits are still hanging around…:-) so I cracked open some nuts instead…hope pistachios are allowed?

Skipping the chips in the fish and chips was fine but the deliciously moist chocolate brownies presented with a small scoop of vanilla ice-cream was VERY HARD to resist until I remembered I had a couple of sugar-free bounty balls that I had made in the fridge…..a saviour. Add my name to the list….three packs extra for me for next week!