Two liquid days…a new moon and mind, body, spirit support from 3 tribes of ladies…

Day 6 and day 7 of the cleanse are liquid days and a turning point. I had heard that a couple of people found this hard. Funnily enough, I actually enjoyed this part of the cleanse. I felt clean, focused, light and actually full of energy.

Firstly, I was so busy that I almost didn’t make time for the all important smoothie and the essential protein that goes in it, but I managed it, very late in the day but powered on through with water in my bottle and a lot of adrenaline until after my meetings.

The meetings were fabulous. An early afternoon boost with wonderful fellow business women who were supportive and generous with their counsel and then a later afternoon gathering to hear about clean cosmetics – so inspiring and again supportive.  It really felt good knowing that all the ladies on the cleanse were at a similar stage to me. Love it! It’s a great way to do a cleanse.

Venus was really working her magic (today’s new moon was in Libra – the sign of balance and her ruler is Venus). After making family  supper and sitting down with my own 2 girls I spent the evening with another group of lovely ladies and we took time to relax that gave me a much needed pick-me-up on the spiritual front.

So, thanks Venus for your Libra new moon and for giving me the strength of this community of wonderful women around me. Thank you to all the wonderful women that crossed my path today and gave me strength.

Sometimes we put too much emphasis on food, finding the goodness in the things we love is sustenance too.