Water, chocolate and shiatsu

I was so busy in the morning I didn’t notice that water had been my only sustenance but it is great – actually I love that clean feeling when my body is dehydrated –  Barbara Wren (who wrote the book ‘Cellular Awakening’) says dehydration is the fundamental expression and cause of disease: that keeps me drinking.

Didn’t have enough time to stop and eat properly – naughty naughty. The goal is to eat consciously as well as healthily: it was classic case of right food (walnut, chia, cacao and blueberry granola thing in almond milk) but wrong attitude. I must make more effort next week to carve out time to make that smoothy with all the goodness in it and really sit down and appreciate every grain of it.

The highlight of the day was Fong’s shiatsu massage – I treated myself and it was soooooooo worth it. It felt like hours of my mind drifting as she worked gently but with loads of pressure in the parts that needed it (I did ask for “strong and hard please”!!!). She totally loosened up my stiff hip. The best part was that I was wishing her not to finish and then she massaged my head…..total bliss!!!

I fell asleep and was dreaming after the session!!!! Thank you Fong. xxxx

Again, couldn’t resist the square of chocolate 75% equatorial bio chocolate after supper tonight but I am doing OK  and frankly won’t beat myself up about it. I am about to go on a chocolate mission to a secret destination in Eastern Europe this weekend so watch this space!!!!