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Day 1 – Prep week – don’t panic yet!

…but could do better…

So, today at the Reboot and Cleanse meeting I did a demonstration of SUGAR-FREE almond chai latte and a version of hot chocolate with maca, cacao and spices and made some nut and cacao spread….normally I would have added in a glug of maple syrup into everything but that’s strictly not permitted….

I keep thinking that if I am the one making the sugar-free treats I should be good at eating them…..I was selling the idea to these eager detox ladies all afternoon and don’t want to be a hypocrite!!!

After a long day, as I walked in the door I was hungry, surprisingly didn’t go for the sugar but had this choice….

a spelt cracker with raw butter (lashings of it) or something from the open box of  Belin aperitif crackers. Luckily chose option 1. Well done Hilly!!


Also, on seeing the lovely blue bottle of Bombay Sapphire I resisted “finishing off the G&T” because it must go before the real cleanse starts next week!! (Really????)

I’ve got to get better at this, had a couple of squares of my favourite 75% chocolate to finish off my meal too….his days are numbered but it’s the same panic attitude – must finish things off before the cleanse….I have another 2 bars in the fridge!!! Yikes!

The good news is that Christine said that the people who do the prep week  instead of launching straight into the detox have the best success at sticking to the cleanse. There is hope for me yet!



Reboot and Cleanse September 2018 starts tomorrow! Is Hilly ready???!!!

Am I ready?

This week has been an extension of a summer of working min. 72 hour weeks but thankfully now with a completely different focus. So refreshing to be working  with an abundance of beautiful fruits and fantastically healthy ingredients. The stars of the week have been pears, apples and coconut. All organic of course and really delicious and naturally sweet (I reckon they will be my  life-savers when it comes to the inevitable sugar-cravings). Other stars are CK for her “bounty” idea and KF for inspiration on how to actually make it taste divine and thanks LS for lending some key equipment!! Thanks to you.

I have been making sweet treats for the ladies on the cleanse. My best friend of late is the dehydrator, and my evenings this week have been spent dipping pears and delicious moist balls of coconut in rich 100% dark chocolate. Tasting the samples has been the most fun but I have noticed myself also reaching for a square of shortbread here and peanut butter and jam on toast there…..this isn’t unlike my husbands behaviour when he knows he is about to quit smoking again!!! I know I am going to have to ignore the beast of the sweet tooth. Fatigue and the absence of Daddy to help with the little ones hasn’t helped to stick to my most healthful routines but I am ready for next week…yea, bring it on!!



Hilly rises to the sugar-free challenge with the CK Health Reboot and Cleanse programme

On 24th September Hilly is going to  join Christine Kjeldbjerg and the enthusiastic detox ladies for the September Reboot and Cleanse programme where the goal is to completely remove sugar, gluten, dairy for at least a couple of weeks and focus on good nutrition and healthful foods. Our bodies are subject to a toxic load from the air we breathe, the food we eat and the products we use on our skin and in our homes. The cleanse offers a rest from processing the toxic load and the chance to cleanse the body naturally.

Watch this space to see how she gets on…


Bon Bean returns to the Cleanse + Reboot – September/October 2018

Bon Bean chocolate has been busy developing the new and completely sugar-free treats for the September/October 2018 Cleanse and Reboot programme with Christine Kjeldbjerg. The hard work has paid off and the treats that Hilly has made are sure to help the participants to fend off any unwanted sugar cravings. Good luck to everyone taking part and hats off to Christine who is making a donation to the local Cancer charity Mimosa Matters as part of this cleanse.

Sign up for a guided detox with plenty of support, advice and education designed to help you reduce the toxic load on the body. Why not come and join us (Hilly is personally taking part…see the news page for regular updates!)  Click to find out more…